01 April 2006

1970s & 1980s Babies

Earlier today, I got 1 of those forwarded emails from a friend. I’ve actually been receive such similar emails for the past few years. Though the wordings may be different, the central theme is that the email recounts or reminiscences events or peculiarities of those growing up in the 1980s. These events or peculiarities include TV shows that were popular then and school life (the dreaded visit by dentist, the BCG jab, brushing of teeth by the drain outside classroom ritual, the games played during recess (& I don’t mean network play using Gameboy nor PSP) among others.

This email & those of a similar kind off never fails to bring some sort of fuzzy feeling in me. Is it coz I am older (we never cease to grow), or perhaps it's due to me being less innocent now (still generally blur nonetheless)? I don't really know the one true answer. What I can say is that, after reading the email, I feel that the world seems somewhat safer & less complicated for a kid during those days.

To back up what I said earlier, my alma mater would be a simple example, Primary & secondary schools in those days look & feel like, well, schools. Nowadays, many schools have brick walls erected (some are topped with barbed wires, mind you. The last time I went to the La Salle school that I attended, all classrooms have grills. They seem more like cages to me actually. I was a prefect during most of my secondary school years & whenever we have prefectorial board after school hours activities, we invite our seniors along or simply, they have an open invitation to drop in. The last time I heard (which was a several years ago), we old boys were not welcomed unless invited (or in some events, give a sizeable donation to be invited as a VIP guest). What more, we cannot just enter the school compound to meet former teachers. We need to contend with guards (yes, most schools have guards now) who must be made known we have legitimate business with the school. Bleh! All this red tape just to ensure that we are no threat to the current school kids. Again, I wonder whether we live in such a violent world currently or is it just the paranoia that’s increased over the years.

Another thing is that kids today seem to 'grow up' quicker. In those times, uttering the F-word is akin to the ultimate sin that may potentially result in capital punishment (I am exaggerating here). In this day, I’ve experienced being commented with phrases like “What the f*ck?” or “F*ck you” by kids a 3rd my age!

Nevertheless, it isn’t all that bad. We may see it as such probably because we tend to focus on it. Scattered around here & there are kind hearts & gestures. There is still hope in this world.

Sheesh, I am talking like an old man! See, that’s what this email does too. :D

Till later, live long & prosper.

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