10 April 2006

Quiet cold nite

In this quiet night,
I'm thinking of you,
The thought of your smile has not fade away,
Even now that a little time has passed,
Fond memories still resurface

Under the falling stars,
I'm always wishing for your laughter,
Even though we're apart now,
We can meet again, right?

With the falling stars,
I want my thoughts to reach you,
I am always by your side,
I will embrace the coldness.
Give you warmth

In this quiet night,
Even though we're apart now,
We will definitely be back together.

Adapted from Shizukana Yoru Nisung by Tanaka Rie

Basically, its been a cold day. Was caught in the rain when I went to Tesco Express this afternoon to buy a loaf of whole meal bread (it started raining while I was in Tesco). Bought 3 for £0.89 bars of KitKat Chunky too. :D Started raining again at night, Cant see any stars in sky, actually.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. raining? same here lah.. raining like crazy though it's not supposed to be raining season now..hehhee..