06 April 2006

Tuning to the airwaves

Yesterday afternoon, I started listening to the radio broadcast from home again. Am bored of Capital FM, for now. After scrolling through a number of Astros radio channels on the internet, namely Hits, Mix, Light & Easy, and Era, I settled on listening to Mix.FM, In fact, the broadcast is still streaming as I blog this posting.

Mix.FM has been my traditional choice of radio station to listen to since my undergrad days. It has a nice selection of older & more recent songs in its playlist. However, the playlist can get stale after prolonged listening to the station as it used to take a rather long time for the playlist to alter, leading to me sampling other radio stations more often. That playlist issue I believe has been rectified by Mix.FM since. For its broadcast of oldies & its likes, I found Light & Easy well, light & easy to the ears. *corny* :D Great for times when I want to relax but avoid it when I am tired & driving, as it potentially makes me a hazard on the road. Era, I never really liked Era, rarely tune in to it, learned to listen to it mostly in friends car or at the residential college (friends again) during undergrad days. Hits play current chart topping English songs, great when stuck in traffic.

Driving to & from work, my radio routine would be IKIM.FM in the morning & either Hits or Mix.FM for the drive home. IKIM.FM is an Islamic radio channel that broadcasts Quran recitals after Subuh azan followed by a short religious talk (tazkirah) afterwards. I normally leave for work within half an hour or so after waktu Subuh arrive at the office during or by the time the talk finishes. On days when I leave for work later than usual, Ill switch to Mix.FM or Hits after the tazkirah. In fact, was alternating between the 2 stations when I was a full hour late for work on my last working day before going on my sabbatical (wake up late lah).

Tuning to Mix.FM with 7 hour difference is rather weird too, as I found myself listening to Mixs Breakfast Show at 11pm here. Well, post midnight is early morning, right? Hence, not that weird after midnight. :D Another feature of Astros radio stations that brought a warm feeling to my heart is the daily traffic reports, which helps drivers negotiate (hopefully calmly) the various traffic congestions in & around the Klang Valley during the morning & evening rush hours.

In fact, I heard earlier today that there was traffic congestion in the areas surrounding KLCC (that hasnt change since I left last Sept). I remember those trips I made through that area on evenings after work & also on some weekends, negotiating the traffic there before heading home via a ring road, I dont miss the heavy traffic, but love the company in the car.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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