29 May 2006

So dark the con of man

I havent read the book, but I knew Sir Leigh Teabing was the Teacher & villain of the plot. I have to attribute this to a website that provides chapter summary for many books, which I found while searching for a review of the Harry Potter series previously. Some may say doing that ruins my experience of the movie, but for me, itll allow me to join in the game of spotting the numerous divergence from the book written by Dan Brown, albeit I would only be capable to spot the less subtle changes (such as how the ending is presented).

Da Vinci Code became the 2nd movie I watched here in London. Attending a weekday Friday afternoon screening, there were hardly more than a dozen people in the cinema. Good thing I only entered the cinema 10 minutes before the starting time. Oh, cinemas here (or the VUE cinema I go to) have free sitting & 1 needs to enter early normally to get good seats.

I found the movie entertaining & enjoyable, with a rather well known cast to portray the main charaters. To me, the actor that stole the show was Sir Ian McKellen in his portrayal of Sir Leigh Teabing. Have to say Ive been quite a general fan of him since he became Gandalf & Magneto. Tom Hanks was not all that outstanding as Robert Langdon. I cringed at the scene where Silas was practicing corporal mortification.

Another attraction of the movie would be the locations. I am sure interest in Leo Da Vincis work havs increased thanks to it. The Lourve would probably be getting even more visitors this summer & thus, making a trip there in the coming months doesnt appeal all that much to me. However, Wesminster Abbey & Temple Church is within an afternoons walking distance,

Read somewhere that the success of this film may prompt a silver screen adaptation of Angels & Demons.' If that is true, at least Ive visited the Illuminatis Altars of Air & Water before.

At nearly 2.5hours long, Da Vinci Code is worth the ticket price.

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. they didn't manage to shoot the film in westminster abbey. http://film.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,1496710,00.html

  2. The show was not a hit among M'sians though... Lotsa' people I asked says it's not a very nice movie...