15 June 2006

Heat & the Hell Son

Summer is truly here! It's getting hot & hotter by the day until 3 days back when it hit 30 degrees & above. Unlike in home country, it's dry over here & I feel like my skin & scalp are being pricked by small minute needles whenever I an under the hot sun. I somewhat appreciate the sweat & humidity a bit more now. Time to go out & bathe under the sunny sunshine, people say. Bleh, no thanks! I prefer temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Both RLS & another guy told me that it's because where I come from is constantly hot that I am not jumping with joy at the opportunity to enjoy the heat & get a tan. Hmm, people here also have barbecues in the middle of the day or basically, in the sun, unlike Malaysians who as I know will do it late evening or at night (must be the sun thing again).

Last Fri, after solat Jumaat & my weekly calling home, I made an impromptu decision to see the remake of Damien Thorn trying to take over the world i.e. The Omen. I had a ticket discount voucher expiring that day anyway. By the time the movie starts at about 1615 GMT, there were like 3 couples & single me in the cinema. I was rather surprised as Id expected this late afternoon screening to attract some more people, what more The Omen being a recently released on 06.06.06 to garner additional publicity.

As per many reviews by professionalcritics, I found this movie to be largely true to the original movie, which I am a fan of & have (hopefully they are still there in my parentshouse) vcds of the original trilogy. Gone is the original soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, which I believe they shouldnt have removed as the track Ave Satani is just so synonymous with Omen. There were also a few typical slasher movie cheap thrills (like character opening a mirrored cabinet & upon closing it, sees an image of a monster behind her) added sporadically throughout. The movie has also been updated a bit to reflect the more modern setting & some of the death scenes has been altered a bit (Mrs. Thorn & that photographer). A character that was scarier than the original is Mrs Baylock, thanks to Mia Farrows portrayal. In summary, Id recommend watching it.

Ive also changed the template of this blog to a cooler blue scheme. Tried to add music to the blog but I cant seem to make it work thus far. Anyhow, feel free to comment on the template.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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