30 June 2006

Testing MS Word 2007 Beta 2 Blog function

I downloaded the Beta 2 release of Microsoft Office 2007 yesterday. Its free & all one needs is a Windows Live account i.e. if youve signed up for the new Hotmail, renamed Windows Live Mail, youll have such an account already. Being beta 2, its stable enough for the work I am currently doing i.e. my dissertation although Microsoft has warned that MS Office 2007 Beta 2 should not be put to use in a productivity environment. Anyhow, am still saving all my work in MS Office 97-2003 format to ensure backward compatibility with other computers MS Office such as those in CBS library where I go to print my work. By default, MS Office 2007 appears to introduce a new format that takes advantage of whatever new features in this version.

MS Office 2007s interface is really different from the previous version & think I am gonna take time getting used to it. However, Microsoft has publicise that this new release will boost productivity with its ribbon feature that replaces the all too familiar drop down menus & tool bars. Anyways, this little write up is to test out the in built blog posting function feature. The feature apparently works the same way as Googles own Blogger for Word add-in. From the File/New menu, we can open a new blog entry document. I also tried using the File/Publish menu & arrived at this new blog entry document. The function also asks us to specify our blog service, username, and password for publishing the entry. No problem if one doesnt have a blog yet. The function tool also suggests a service for us to sign up to (Microsoft affiliated, of course).

If this posting turns out alright, I can then uninstall my Blogger for Word add-in as long as I use this MS Office 2007 Beta 2, which expires in February 2007 (expected time by which Microsoft plans to release the retail versions & after that, beta versions loses many of its functionality).

P.S.: Hmm, the posting came out in a really big font size in the Compose window of Blogger Dashboard (the resulting posting in the blog proper is alright however). Also, we need to save it in Word 2007 document format, as this blog document function is part of this version's new features. Plus, have some issue on updating this posting with the last paragraph.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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