07 July 2006


I am just back from a fire alarm the 1st in about a fortnight, I believe. Its 1 of those events where you get to go to an area & chat with or meet people whom you otherwise dont bump into often at the residential hall. The cool summer night makes it just right for some fresh night air. :D

On the other hand, it didnt help that the fire alarm sound pounded my skull & brought back some of the headache I experienced earlier. I went to school this afternoon to settle some stuff. Bought a copy of Evening Standard on the way home & proceeded to read it while lying down on the bed. Half the time I read the newspaper while lying down on the bed, Ill doze off, & thats what happened. I got up 2 hours plus later with a headache, twitching nose, my body feeling out of sorts & hungry. Thought of dragging my a** to the kitchen & cook some dinner when I realized PG was cooking & none of us in flat 301 want to be in the kitchen when he cooks for fear of getting our clothes smelling of what hes cooking (he cooks with a lot of smoke!).

You see, Ive also been having this mini craving for beef & a kind of banana called pisang emas (its a small type of bananas). I havent had beef for a month & proper meat for close to 3 months, with the beef consumed last month being a can of corned beef. Why? The halal beef I could find is sold in a rather big slab, some say its more for steaks or what not, for about GBP5-GBP10. Its a lot & I dont think I can finish a slab promptly & itll eat up the freezer space (which may inconvenient my other flatmates). Even a whole chicken takes me more than a month to finish. The banana thingy, well, I think its coz of MOKLs messaging me on how shes enjoying home cooked food & local food back in KL (she decided to spend her summer vacation on a trip back home) & also from another friend whom I chat with over YM who reminds me of yummy banana fritters & what not thats available in Malaysia. If you are gonna ask, I dont fancy the bananas found here, Never liked the bigger bananas, the smaller & sweeter ones are more to my fancy.

Anyhow, back to where I was before I digressed. Knowing itll be at least an hour before I can settle a meal (should I wanna cook), I decided to swallow a Dual Relief tablet & take a stroll to the kebab shop that I frequent most, Palmers. After some waiting & mindless banter with the guys who work there, I came home to feast on a quarter pounder with cheese burger & fries (or chips, as they call it here). Aaaahh, yummy! I can never cut it out as a complete vegetarian. I still crave for blood, as a friend says. :D

Hopefully, a good nights sleep will settle the rest & Ill wake up feeling fresh.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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