12 July 2006

Sunny, Rainy, Crazy Weather

Truly, Londons weather is among the more erratic Ive seen in my life. A fortnight or so ago, summer heat in all its glory was upon us. Air temperature was rising by the day, the tube lines were becoming more & more life human sized oven & the sun was shining brightly. A week after that, the meteorological department (aka mets) announced that heat was at its worst, temperatures in excess of 32 degrees Celsius & issued cautions & advices on how Londoners can survive this heat wave. I did a random check on Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Bangkok day temperatures on that day & found their temperatures were around there too, but no health warnings etc. Hmmm. Anyways, the mets changed their tune & forecasted heavy rain for the subsequent days. Aah, hujan rahmat! The rain brought down the air temperature at nights & early mornings, but noon & evening temperatures were still hot, so much so I think I drank 6 liters or more plain water on a basically hot day.

The past 2-3 days, its been generally cloudy & rainy during most of the day. It cleared up today with sunny sun shine from noon onwards. The strong breeze makes it cooling, so much so that I decided to take an evening stroll to checkout a Sports Store near St Pauls Cathedral. The visit in the store took only about 10 minutes max. However, the nice weather made me reluctant to return home straightway. Hence, I went to the Millennium Bridge, brisk walked along the South Bank of the Thames & returned home via Blackfriars Bridge & Farringdon Road (sort of a circular trip). All that within an hour (RLS did comment, That long?!) Last time I had a rather good workout of walking was during my May vacanze italiano & this little outing felt nice.

The scenery along the walk was beautiful. It was then I realized that should this kind of weather prevail, I better take more evening walks, perhaps on further routes, & enjoy it all while I still can. My time in London runs out within the next 2 full moons.

Besides, the walks will make me fitter too. :)

P.S.: So far, I good thing of having just about more than a month at FRC is that I will not have to tolerate/suffer certain people who serially while eating chicken with bare hands, uses the same greasy hands to open the fridge, turn on the sink tap &/or use the kettle, & then do not bother to clean off the grease marks. Will gladly forsake visiting this person should I ever visit this persons home country later in my life.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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