10 January 2008

Transfer listed

Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone Salam Maal Hijrah. Semoga anda terus diberkati rahmat Illahi dalam tahun 1429H ini.

As I was rather knackered last nite, I sleep somewhat earlier but failed to get up early for the Arsenal-Tottenham Carling Cup Semi Final 1st leg match @ the Emirates Stadium. I got up at around my normal work day. Rushed to the idiot box, turned on Astro & lo behold, Theo Walcott scored the Gunners' equaliser to cancel out Jermaine Jenas' earlier goal for Spurs. Man, Walcott is slowly & surely gonna be a future Arsenal legend if he progresses well. As it is, a goalless draw at White Hart Lane after extra time should see us through to the Final.

The month of January is also the mid-season transfer window period for the EPL & several other leagues in Europe. As it is, clubs are busy recruiting to make up for long-term injuries, filling up gaps in their current squad or even trying to find the player(s) that will ensure championship/survival. As usual, Arsene Wenger will try to not make any transfer dealing in this inflated player price period.

Keeping with the football analogy, last Monday I was called by the gaffer to his office. My mind was buzzing on what have I done since normally in the morning, the Jose is a bit moody, Monday blues & all. Knocking on his door, he invited me in & asked me to take a seat.

The gaffer asked how was my new year break & all. We had a bit of small talk on traffic at the Malaysia-Singapore causeway & places to shop for value priced electronics & computer stuff in JB. All this led to him telling me that I have been transfer listed. The club has held talks with another club & they have agreed in to me moving clubs. Jose would have liked me to stay but he would not prevent me from better opportunities elsewhere i.e. better contract or more playing time on the pitch. The reason he called me was to discuss my transfer date. The football association (I am transferring to a club within the same league) wanted the transfer completed in the middle of the month, but both the gaffer & I felt it's rather soon. I wanted time to clear out my locker, settle some league games & say my goodbyes to the team. Hence, it was agreed that I'll stay till the end of the transfer window & move clubs at the end of the month. All that is to await now are the transfer papers to truly be certain of the move.

Basically, I am happy with this. I am after all moving to a fast rising club. However, there is this sad feeling as I am leaving a club that I have served for the last 6 years & 4 months to this date. Although we'll still be in the same league, when we meet on the pitch, we may have different objectives & tactics. Nevertheless, I have indicated in the past that I will accept whatever that arises from this affair & I shall stick to my words. In fact, friends & team mates have advised that I'd be the talk of the league for some time should I reject the transfer. So, here's looking to a brighter future.

I shall miss the Chinese kopi & roti bulat from the stall under the bridge though...

Till later, live long & prosper.

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