26 February 2008

mOAm Talk Chatback badge

Google yesterday added a new cool feature called Chatback to Google Talk. Simply, it allows guests of webpages or blogs to chat with a Google Talk user via a little application or 'badge' as they call it. The badge will be customised to a particular Google Talk account holder (in the case of 'mOAm Talk,' it's me, Mark). The person or visitor to the webpage need not be a Google Talk nor Gmail account holder to be able to chat with the person whom the badge is linked to. Nifty, eh?

In the side bar, you can see a section called 'mOAm Talk' with a Chatback badge. Within the bubble, if mOAm Talk is blue in color & has a green dot next to it (indicating I am available to chat), do click on the blue font 'mOAm Talk.' A new window with a familiar chat display will pop up & you can chat with me.

A little note though. Those who know me will attest that my basic status on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger & YM is 'busy,' but that doesn't prevent them from nudging me or initiating a chat with me. If I am truly busy, then I will inform them so. However, Chatback disables the link to chat with me if my status is not 'available.' For mOAm sake, I shall try to be on a green dot Google Talk status occasionally. Then, friends can test this new feature. Also, do introduce/identify thyself as in the chat window, you'll be known as Guest or something synonymous.

For more info, please visit this Google Talkabout entry. It includes detail on how to create your own Chatback badge.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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