26 August 2008

Interrupted Mark Musing Multiplied

I saw an online news piece of interest, & wanted to share it via mOAm. Surprisingly, the online newspaper do not list Blogger in its 'share' function. Hence, when seeing that Mutiply is available, I thought of doing a double posting via Multiply Mark, that is, posting an entry on Multiply Mark & it'll also concurrently appear on mOAm.

Once I completed the initial draft of the posting, I proceeded to preview before making any cosmetic changes. My IE7 took some time to process the command & it ended up with a 502 Proxy Error. Tried refreshing the browser a few times to no positive result. Even tried accessing Multiply Mark's general page & cik Fer's blog, also same 502 Proxy Error.

Bummer. Hope the draft is still there, as I don't feel like re-typing the musing fr scratch. If the draft has been saved, I'll publish it once Multiply Mark is accessible again. Else, I'll think about whether to re-do the posting.

Just thought I'd let off some steam. This week is not going too well for me. Nevertheless, I am generally in a somewhat ok mood.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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