14 September 2008

Mark and his Gunplas & Plamo

I wasn't really into replica models during my younger days, be it planes, military vehicles, cars nor sci-fi items. I'd look with admiration but never actually wanted to buy & put together 1. As I grew up, I did learn to appreciate models though. ;)

My younger brother, however, is a different case. Ever since he was in primary school, he was into those Dash-something cars. Now, with his pocket money, he embarked on collecting Gunplas aka Gundam models. These models range from those of sizes 1/144, 1/100 & 1/60 among others based on their supposed real size. He also has a dozen or so chibi versions of Gundams. His collection has been mostly from the Seed, Seed Destiny, SD, Sangokuden & of course, the Gundam 00 series.

Me, I got into this gunpla bit when I went to Tokyo for a fortnight on course last year. Walking around Ginza at around close to 8pm, I stumbled into this corner lot 4 storey toy store. After looking around & just before the store closes for the day, I decided to buy a no-grade 1/144 Strike Freedom gunpla as the price was much cheaper that what I could remember in Malaysia, thanks to my bro asking me to check out prices of those things for him once. The Strike Freedom didn't get built until nearly a year later, after I suddenly bought my next Gunpla, a HG 1/144 Dynames & I wanted to start with a simpler grade gunpla. The Dynames is still in its box till today. :D

My bro got me a HG 1/144 Tallgeese 3 as a birthday present. Now, this is somewhat an old Gundam model, from the Wing Gundam series circa 1990s. From what I gathered, this is a not easy to find set. Hence, I am not sure whether to built it (kiasu & SSS in eyes).

I did however purchase & promptly built the Code Greass R2 1/35 scale plamo of the Knightmare frame Rolo's Vincent. I just liked it & with my bro's gunpla cutter, I settled Rolo's Vincent in a few nites of short sessions (after work & before going to sleep). The Dynames is still in its box, while I use the excuse that my bro took with him the gunpla cutter when he reported to uni for the new term.

I tried to find the gunpla cutter at all other place except where he bought it (I have never been to Berjaya Times Square & lazy to go in view of my perception of traffic in central KL). There is another brand but I hesitated in buying it based on my bro's comments on it.

Anyhow, I very recently got another gunpla, HG 1/144 Al-Saachez's Enact Agrissa type. Bro informed me that when he returns home for Eidul-Fitr, he'll bring back the gunpla cutter & leave it with me, so that I can't use him as an excuse for keeping Dynames & Enact sets unbuilt in their boxes. Me thinks if he got the time, he'll probably go to Berjaya Times Square, buy another gunpla cutter & claim the cost from me. Yes, he'll probably do that...

May you be happy in your boxes, Dynames & Enact, until my bro returns & I actually go about to putting you together.

Till then, live long & prosper.

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