14 November 2008

Solace for Quantum

Since I am somehow earlier in the office today, I thought I'd pen my thoughts on a movie I saw last nite with NIA.

The 22nd instalment of the James Bond films is certainly unlike most of the others in the franchise. I believe my current FB profile status sums it up 'Mark opines the solace from the loss of Vesper has increased the quantum of violence in the latest Bond film.'Yes, basically the latest Bond movie is non-stop action from the word 'go' where we are greeted with a chase sequence between an Aston Martin & an Alfa Romeo (primarily), along with machine guns blazing. It doesn't relent as Bond goes from 1 lead to another (killing most of them in the process, to the dismay of his superior M) pursuing Quantum for professional & personal reasons. The movie ends with Bond getting one of the top guns of Quantum, settling things with Vesper's boyfriend & walking away into the nite.

That's it.

The movie is exciting will all its stunts & action sequence, but with a simple storyline. There is no over the top scheme or superb hidden base or a megalomaniac supervillain that we are accustomed to in a Bond film. The closest other film with a rather straightforward script that I can remember is Licence to Kill. In recent times, comparison can be made with the Bourne Ultimatum movie, although I opine that the underlying plot of Jason Bourne finding his past make the storyline heavier than Quantum of Solace. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie.

On censoring of the film by the local film board (supposed moral guardians), I only detected 1 odd jump in between scenes; during the opening montage. Also, perhaps during the scene where Bond invited Strawberry Fields (forever?) to help him find where the hotel puts the stationery in the room, there was a cut. If there were others, it was executed rather well.

I've gone to the cinema to watch all the Bond films released since Pierce Brosnan took on the role (during Timothy Dalton's days, I just rented the video). So, I obviously recommend watching Quantum of Solace.

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. After Die another day it is the best movie I ever watch. The cars and the weapons used by the bond was super cool. I need to see it for several times. So much action and adventure also did not feel the difference of the actor too. I think it is because the stronger appearance of the bond culture http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com allows me to enjoy it glad to see movies like this

  2. I've got feedbacks that this version was among the worst... Far worst than the previous ones..