27 May 2008

Here in my Home

I 1st heard this song on Hitz.fm while driving to work some time ago (it's a familiar modus operandi for Mark with songs these days). Subsequently, I was pleasantly surprised that this is actually a Malaysian effort. As they say in a local slang, 'bangga, siot.' Had a niat to download this song even if I had to pay a few ringgit for it (hey, a few ringgit is expensive in this current rising inflationary environment). Hence, you can imagine my surprise when after finding out of the official website of the initiative that recorded this song, Malaysian Artistes for Unity, this song in various formats, along with its music video, ringtone, lyrics, chords, among others, are available for download FREE there. Do visit the website for the song, get more info on this initiative as well as support them (there's even a Malaysian Artistes for Unity Facebook group, apparently).

I am adding this catchy song to my current playlist & into my N95's microSD.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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