15 March 2006


Greetings! Having registered this blog for some time now, I have yet to publish my debut post. Guess this a good day as any. Actually, this is kind of a good day, as 6 months ago on this date, at around this time, a guy curtate aged 27 decided to sleep thousands of miles above ground & awaken the next day 8 time zones from his native developing 3rd world nation.

Yup, it was on 15 Sept 2005, that I became a rurouni & began my 1 year quest for further enlightenment, or less dramatically, pursuing an MSc in 1 of the financial capital of the world. Its been an interesting journey thus far, & I hope to share my thoughts on my life here plus other stuff in my future posts.

Whew, managed my 1st post! It wasnt that painful. : P Anyhow, gotta go do some required revision now.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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