16 March 2006

Anxiety of the Fallen

I got up later (again) today. Mind felt blank while I was having a quick breakfast of muffins & coffee (dare not miss coffee today, for reason to follow). As I was walking briskly to CBS for lectures, a sudden sense of restlessness rushed into me.

You see, I have an open book test this evening, courtesy of a specially arranged session after 5 hours of lectures. This test is more of a revision actually, as our grades are judged purely by the examinations at the end of the term. You may question my mental faculty, the test being an open book affair (!) & what more, its not counted in any ways towards my grade, hence hakuna matata. The person who sits next to me in lectures, she said the exact same thing. Still, I didnt feel all that better. In fact, after the final lecture, a number of my coursemates (including 1 or 2 whom I didnt expect to) started packing their stuff to leave i.e. not taking the test (we were having the test in the same lecture room). Contemplated for a bit on following that crowd but in the end, decided to give it a shot anyhow. I revised for the test. Its just that my poor track record in professional exams for the past few years & the fact that I didnt manage to get 50% for the previous test a month ago (courtesy of silly mistakes & the lack of optimum speed in solving the questions) left my confidence rather shaken (& still shaking).

An hour passed & Linda, our lecturer, called time & proceeded to list the answers for self evaluation & she reminded that 60% is the cut off point, as that is the minimum final grade we need to get a professional exam exemption for our various subjects. What do you know, I scored a safe 73% & I am relieved. A silly mistake cost me another 7% score. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! In my heyday, safe grades werent my cup of tea. I need to build on this.

To cap the day, I had a rather good deal on reduced priced items at Somerfield. Errors in the price tags resulted in me paying just 27p instead of 95p for some Danish pastries, bread & pains. The cashier noticed it, checked with his colleague & just sheepishly smiled at me when he quoted the total amount to me (God bless him). It didnt fully click in my brain then, as I still paid for the stuff with my Solo! :D Ahhh, syukur, syukur.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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