23 March 2006

Job Hunting

This is a rather late or early posting, time wise, depending on how 1 would look at it. Felt knackered after lectures today (or yesterday actually, since its pass midnight) & had a nap for around 4 hours from 2000. Will do some revision of school work before zzz.

I applied for a short term summer job last month, via the unis career centre. Finally got a reply today stating that I wasnt short listed for the interview stage. I almost missed out on the email as it went into my Junk Mail folder, ending up in between an email with a random invitation for nocturnal activity & an email on enlarging something. However, I suspected as much that I wasnt short listed as its been more than a week since the supposed interview period. Feel sad a bit as the kind of job is something I used to do as a peer counselor during my undergrad days at uni back in home country.

This sort of reinforce (though by right I should not come to such a summary conclusion) my belief that its getting harder for a non-EU resident to get a decent career job here in the UK, what more for 1 who needs to pay off a scholarship should he decides to break the bond. 2 of my coursemates have decided to start seeking jobs at our home country after their unsuccessfully trying to get a job here, even a graduate trainee job. Mind you, I believe these are fine individuals.

On the hindsight, there is nothing wrong with my current career job that would warrant me to truly want to seek an alternative placement. Its just that when 1 thinks of forex & comparative purchasing power, getting a job in the UK seems attractive. Thats being mata duitan,as 1 would say back home. :D Until such an opportune moment occurs, I shall continue to be content with my current job (at least I have a job already, as some of my other coursemates have told me).

Till later, live long & prosper.

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