28 March 2006

Sneakers' Last Mile

The past weekend was cloudy with strong winds blowing, plus it rained from evening onwards on both days.

On Saturday, I noticed my blue sneakersright shoe's base has torn open ala a 'crocodiles mouth.' The pair of blue sneakers (I believe the Brits call them trainers) is 1 of the stuff I requested from home when an air steward friend of mine got a KLIA-Heathrow flight as part of his March work schedule & hence, was coming over, Want to use it for my daily wear as well as for consideration on usage during my next visit somewhere. The Hush Puppies loafers I am currently using is serving me well, but wearing them for long distance & long period walks (like a full days exploration of Rome) left me with rather sore feet afterwards. They are just great & comfortable otherwise.

Anyhow, back to my blue sneakers. This pair of sneakers is actually the older pair of the 2 pairs I left back at my parentsplace. Since I hardly used them over the past few years as oppose to the other pair of white/blue sneakers that served as my gym shoes, they looked nicer & mum decided to send them (I was impartial), After receiving them, I wore the blue sneakers for 3 or 4 times before the right base tore. I guess them sneakers traveled across continents for a last hurrah in my service before retiring for good. (

I went to a Sports World outlet around the corner from Old Baileys (about 15mins walk from FRC) just before noon today, hoping to get a pair of bargain Nike sneakers as replacement (ha-ha). Browsing through the available Nike with prices from GBP20 onwards, I suddenly felt the urge to be frugal & my subconscious reminded me of the need to save for a certain fund. Ended up buying a pair of Donnay (its a local Brit brand, like Lonsdale) sneakers for GBP10 (from the clearance stock & with my size, importantly). They felt comfortable on 1st impression, will know better after breaking into them. Would have preferred a different main colour besides white but beggars can't be picky, right?

On a closing note, a toast to my pair of blue Power sneakers. Appreciate the years of service, though I rarely used you.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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