20 April 2006

CL 2006 Semi Final 1st Half

Woohoo, at half time from Highbury, Arsenal leads Villarreal 1-0 in Champions League 2006 Semi-Final! Now, the Gunners just need to survive with the slender lead or add-on goals during the 2nd half at El Madrigal Stadium next Tuesday to qualify for the Final in Paris. Looking at how the 2 semi final matches are progressing; it may be Arsenal vs. Barcelona. However, AC Milan may just yet spring an away win at Nou Camp & ditto for Villarreal (home win by 2 goals) to advance to the Final instead, since both teams are only a goal down each.

I didnt watch the match. Its near impossible to get a ticket with my Arsenal Red membership (lets not even get into the price), and thus far, Ive never dragged myself to a pub to watch a game plus, me got no TV in my room. That's the 1 thing I find advantageous of enjoying EPL & Champions League footie in home country - nearly every other game is screened on Astro (pay TV). Here, some games are not screened over pay TV to help the clubs fill up their stadiums. Well, 38 500 seats Highbury dont seem to have that problem.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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