22 April 2006

Samson Weakened

I knew I had to get it done eventually. Previously, I managed to hold it off till 3 months, now it has been nearly 8 months since I last did it. Had I left it to reach a years old, it may grow beyond 8 inches, but 4.5 inches seems an achievement by itself.

Coming to London allowed me to experience this particular longing/fantasy of mine. During my working days, I couldnt do it due to my preference for a neat appearance. My undergrad days uni rules were such that I got a reprimand even when it was just slightly long & barely touched my shirt collar, hence no go. Here, I found out that the 1 time that it may matter is when we attend a job interview (something Ive not found the need to do yet). The weather here thus far, from autumn (when I arrived) to Spring currently made it more bearable to experience. Back in home countrys equatorial climate, the heat alone prevented me from going beyond 3 months.

Although some from back home said I looked kawaii (Japanese: cute), the few around UK who knows me from work/undergrad days all asked me what have I done to it (actually, nothing *hehe*). Since it is going to be summer soon, & I may do some traveling (at 4.5 inches, it requires a bit more upkeep), I decided to (sadly) to get rid of a few inches of it.

As such, after scouting around for an establishment that can provide the service at the best bargain, I got a hair cut this afternoon. :P Someone else must be sad too, as it started to rain by the time it was settled.

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: My head feels lighter & I feel colder in my room now (didnt change heater setting since this morning).

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