15 April 2006

Good Friday

Its been a rather peaceful day today. After about 7 months here, I can say that itll be quiet around this area during public holidays. Its just MOKL & me in the pad, as RLS went off to spend the weekend (& study, she says) at a friends place.

Had an impromptu dim sum lunch invitation in Colindale that I had to pass (Solat Jumaat). Went to Kings Cross station via bus to look for the masjid at around 1pm. Even though the Circle Line tube route from Liverpool Street to Baker Street (via Kings Cross) is closed for planned engineering works from today till Sun, the station area is still packed with people. As I didnt bring along my London A-Z (just studied the map briefly before embarking on my journey), I expectedly got lost a bit looking for the masjid. However, managed to find it after retracing my steps & asking the staff of Halal fast food outlet (who told me it was just around the corner from the joint). I shall now come to this masjid for Solat Jumaat whenever theres no such session at uni.

I baked the Sainsburys apple, blueberry & custard pie I bought yesterday for dinner. Shared 1/6th of the pie with MOKL. Wanted to give her a bigger portion but shell start saying how I am not a good flatmate by encouraging her to eat more (she had her dinner before me). Sorry, MOKL. :)

*Yawn* I am already sleepy now. Perhaps I should go to bed early tonight.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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