23 May 2006

Moogie Moogle

As defined by Wiki, a name is a label for a thing, person, place, product (as in a brand name), and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish one from another. Or simply, its what people call you. The more unique it is, the more you will (probably) stand out in the crowd.

However, there are times when some names should not be assigned to people as it may scar them for life. :P To quote the Evening Standard on 16 May 2006, Worries about sleepless night & feeding-on-demand soon disappear, but silly names dont. Its not big & its not clever. Naming your daughter Apple is riskier stillfear the wee tot is doomed to spend her adult life being sued & counter-sued by iTunes & The Beatles. The Apple here of course refers to the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin. I am sure one could come up with other 'uniquely' sounding child of a celeb names.

Anyways, the name in question here is Moogie, given to the adult male cat I met at Wood Green last Fri. A mate mentioned that the name may be why the olfeline has a cattitude. As such, I Google Talked with my friend & found out the owner apparently named him so after a cartoon character of a cat who thinks he's a dog. Googling Moogie, I couldnt find any particular cartoon with such a character, but this is what I found (among others):

  • Moogie the Messy Beatie, some children book character;

  • A character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine nickname for Ishka, daughter of Adred, widow of Keldar & grandmother of Nog;

  • Moogie Nights a night club in the daytimeevent;

  • A music entertainer; and

  • A master clown.

Moogles, on the other hand, are popular with fans of the Final Fantasy game series. From Wiki, Good-natured creatures, moogles are usually white or tan, and their most notable feature is a white antenna protruding from the head with a small red ball (called a 'pompom') at the end. They have small red or purple wings, and their ears are shaped like those of a cat or rabbit. From the pictures, Moogles look cute & could probably be a base for naming a pet Moogie.

If pets could talk in this world, we may then find out whether Moogie minds being called Moogie, or theres another reason for my observed perpetual scowl. For now, Moogie aint hinting.

Yes, true believers; I have nothing better to blog today. :D

Till later, live long & prosper.

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