22 May 2006

Wet May Weekend

You gotta love Londons weather. These days, it can be sunny hot for several minutes & gloomy wet for the next few hours. The blessed rain at least kept local temperature below 20 degrees Celsius, my favoured ranged.

I had the opportunity to explore the area on London called Wood Green (that is in Zone 3, by the way) on Fri evening, courtesy of dinner at a friend's new home. I liked the suburban feel of the area, same thing I felt when I visited Nottingham & the fact that there are many shops selling Halal meat products. Yup, at this rate, am not gonna be a complete vegetarian anytime soon.

My friends landlord has a cat called Moogie. An adult male, Moogie appears to have a cattitude with his perpetual scowl (or is it just his facial features?). Not all that friendly to begin with, he only warmed a bit to me when I open the bathtub tap for him to drink from (he apparently likes that even though he has a water bowl) & gave him a scratch under the chin/neck. Came home with his fur all over my t-shirt.

Between the rainy spells, I managed to visit a Malaysian tourism fair organised at Covent Garden on Sat. There were cultural performances, stalls selling Malaysian made products (batik clothes, furniture, decorations, foodstuff) & to complete the experience, stalls selling Malaysian delicacies such as satay, nasi lemak & ketupat with rendang. I didnt sample any of the food on sale as the queue to buy then are rather long, made up of Brits, Malaysians & others. Further, some of the food stalls are set up by local restaurants selling Malaysian food.

Thats it for a weekend perfect for cuddling up under the duvet & notching up air miles of zzz.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. Oh yeah, a feline with a cattitude alright. Though I'm not sure a self-respecting cat shd answer to the strange name of Moogie. What was the owner thinking [if at all]?! Is that supposed to rhyme with Boogie? And perhaps a combination of Boogie and Man? heh