19 May 2006

Post Whatever Blues

Woke up a bit later & lazily this morning. Gave RLS a wiry smile & a speak to the handwhen she asked me how is this Gooner coping with the traumatic depression of Arsenal losing last night.

I realized too that its been nearly a week since I returned from my vacanze Italiano. Darn, it still feels like yesterday with the memory of the great time there fresh in my mind. My blogging on it should be completed if not for the continuous problem of pictures uploaded not appearing in my blog. Cant seem to figure out the technical issue behind it as my pics conform to the Bloggers requirements (or do they not?).

Decided to take a stroll to CBS to do some printing at the computer lab at 1830 & drop by at the local Tesco Express on the way home. The sun finally decided to make an appearance after 1700 to brighten a mostly cloudy & windy day (it probably had a hangover from last nights game too). Found out the Somerfield near CBS, which closed down last month, has been replaced by Waitrose. I enjoyed my little evening walk in the sun (sun sets around 2100 here currently), the wind prevents much sweat & the sight of green, green grass & blooming flowers at parks are beautiful. My only complaint is that my eyes itched (even with me wearing spectacles) due to pollen blown by the wind entering them.

Oh, I also got my Arsenal Annual Members Magazine 2006 in the mail today. I need to renew my Red Membership for 2006/07 by this Saturday should I want to stand the chance to purchase a ticket for my Gunner hero Dennis Bergkamps Testimonial match. I may just splurge on the renewal fee as the goodies that come in the 2006/07 Red Membership Pack alone sound enticing.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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