18 May 2006

CL 2006 Final

Not going to comment much. At the end of the 3 minutes 2nd half extra time, we were left to rue our various missed chances on goal. The job was made even more difficult by a referee that appears to be siding with the boys from Nou Camp.

Tears were not the only liquid falling in Islington, it rained too. As I was walking back to the pad from an Arsenal supporters bar called Beehive, about 25-30 minutes away from FRC, I came across many dejected Arsenal fans leaving the various pubs or places where they watched the live broadcast of the match from Stade De France. A drunken bastard walking with his mates from the opposite direction even pointed his finger at my face & said, "Your fault." Felt like telling him to f*ck off but since I am the better person with my senses intact, I decided to just continue walking home. As if I was dancing around celebrating Barcas win. If it was not drizzling, he would have seen the Arsenal Champions League Final commemorative t-shirt I was wearing underneath my rain jacket. Stupid gwailo.

As such, no victory parade for me to attend at Highbury tomorrow afternoon. Am just gonna grab a light supper & go to bed. MOKL just advised me to not be too sad. She must be afraid this Gooner might blow up something. :I

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. The drunkard prob though you're a barcelonian residing in London. heh