21 June 2006


Its another nicenumbered date today: 20-06-2006, a double matchdate according to a Malaysian friend who wished me a wonderful special day. Somehow, I beg to differ.

The day didnt start all that well, I woke up just after 3am for solat Subuh (slept early after Tunisias disappointing performance against Spain). As I almost fell asleep again later around 4am, my *$$^@!flatmate, he noisily opened & fumbled around the small broom closet next to my room. It went on for a few minutes that I went to check what the $^@* is the racket. He turned & looked at my sleepy mug & said, Don't worry& entered the bathroom. I bloody couldnt sleep after that & only dozed off for 3 hours after 7am.

Having been surviving on simple spaghetti dishes, bread, bagels & ready cooked meals (reduced priced, thanks to some timely visits to Waitrose last week), I decided to cook chicken curry. I wasnt sure whether adding tomatoes would ruin the curry or not (trying to do it right, although I normally abide by the rule that if my tummys ok with it, it goes), so I tried calling my dear & then my mum (both via Skype) when she didnt pick up the phone. Whaddaya know, both mum & her (I called her back later) could not hear my voice. After 4 calls, I suspected that my headsets microphone is faulty. :( Did microphone hardware test via Windows Control Panel & the setups of Skype, Windows Live Messenger & Yahoo Messenger. All test & setups showed that no microphone is detected despite it being connected. Ugh! Facing another outlay to replace the headset. On the brighter note, I am fairly certain its not my laptop thats faulty as that would incur higher cost. Will try to borrow RLSor someone elses headset to confirm that my headsets microphone is out.

Its a double whammy if I consider it together with O2s announcement that from 1 July, the 07744xxxxxx access number service that I use will not be part of my monthly contracts included minutes. Instead calls to 07744 numbers will now be charged at 25p per minute. There is another service whose access number still allows me to utilise my mobile contracts inclusive minutes, but calling to home countrys mobile phone numbers is limited to the 5 weekdays (service I am currently using allows me to call any home country number 7 days a week). Hence, I shall be more dependent of VOIP services such as Skype, with their competitive rates, for calling home country.

Yesterday, while waiting for the Spain-Tunisia match, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the British PM being a guest on a football radio program. During the hour, he talked candidly on the World Cup, England team & even fielded questions from listeners. Some of these questions are rather funny & lighthearted, though with a political slant at times, such as if he was in charge of a football team of cabinet minister, who would be in which position, including him. In fact, a real subtle jab was a listener who commented that the PM should play on the left wing(get it?) when the PM said he envisioned himself as a central attacking midfielder. What struck me was that I dont ever recall or believe Tun M nor Pak Lah would/will be in such a program/session with such candid settings.

Anyhow, am going over to CBS to watch England-Sweden match screening.

Addendum: After borrowing RLS' microphone, I confirmed that it's my headset's mic that's faulty. Alhamdulillah for my laptop being alright.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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