21 June 2006


I didn't really expect to see this here in CBS - I should've known better, what more with the majority of students studying here being foreigners.

It's half time break for the England-Sweden match & th English leads by a goal to nil. At the cafeteria where I am watching the game, there were about 20 packs of various buns that are not sold & from experience, the cafeteria staff usually gives them away just before they go home. I was thinking of enjoying 1 during the half time break. Near stoppage time, a BBI (I suspect from the way he spoke & accent) went to ask whether he can have a bun & upon confirmation that the buns are free for the taking, he, his friend & 2 other students from (again I strongly believe) from the most populous nation on earth rush & took all the buns they can lay their hands on.

Back in home country, I'd have the foresight to be nearly as kiasu & nick the bun I wanted (but not to hog 3 or 4) early. I seriously didn't expect this display of greediness here. But then again, these are not really the English & even the English are humans. I am so naive. I shall know better next time.

Addendum: The Swedes leveled twice from a goal down to finish the match at a draw.

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  1. Oh, you don't have to travel far to witness kiasu-ness, greediness or gluttony. It's everywhere!