28 July 2006


I am making an exception here, for those who may think I stray from blogging apolitically.

After being asked by MOKL this morning on what is mace, I found out about the attack on Malaysias former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad by someone using a can of mace, Oh, mace in this instance is a trademarked liquid in aerosol form that is used to temporarily disables a person by irritating the eyes, causing dizziness and immobilization. Id just like to record my anger at the low levels we have gone down to. 1 or 2 general elections ago, someone commented to me that politics (generally dirty & what not) in Malaysia have gone to heights where people are willing to even kill opponents over ideology & individual aspirations. Scary.

It also shames me at times to think that the country promotes itself as a truly Asiancountry that is cultured in traditional good values to woo tourist, This in many instances is only valid as far as the expensive adverts as upon arrival at KLIA, these tourists would only need to exit the arrival gate to see it with their own eyes how truly rude are Malaysian when on the road, never learning to queue up almost anywhere & lacking hygiene. I guess these supposed little thingsbreed into mavericks who then go about killing, running amok & resorting to violence when things dont go his/her way. Scary, again.

I myself stand reminded to improve myself to be more thoughtful of others. *sigh* I am gonna miss this thing in London where you can actually cross at a zebra crossing. Cars are required by law & actually (surprised, Malaysian drivers?) do stop for pedestrians to cross the road. Nevertheless, I do admit that my trainingon Malaysian roads help prevent myself from being roadkill when automobiles dont stop when I wanted to cross a zebra crossing. To my aghast, I noticed that many of these drivers areAsians. Darn!

Till later, live long & prosper.

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