04 August 2006

5 Centimeters Per Second teaser trailer

After unintentionally stumbling upon conflicting codecs settings in my laptop, I managed to get the above named teaser trailer file I got some time back to play & display both its audio & video. For those not really into IT, codecs are devices or programs that translate media file into sounds & pictures played by the computer.

This teaser trailer of an upcoming Japanese animated drama movie was recommended to me by my mate PCE from Seattle, who apparently is a fan of the director,
Makoto Shinkai. Upon viewing this teaser, I was initially impressed by the soothing piano piece that played in the background & the quality of the animation is also rather good. However, what interest me most are the words that pop out throughout the trailer, which are as follows:

Do you know?
The speed at which cherry blossoms fall...
At what speed must i live,
To be able to see you again?

PCE commented that they sound melancholic & are like poetry. Nicely said.

I managed to embed the 5 Centimeters Per Second teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure. However, should the link be broken, you can view it here at YouTube website. Hope you like it like I did.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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