20 August 2006

Shifting Nests

I am sitting in my room now eating my last (albeit late) breakfast at FRC. Even though I have a month or so more in London, today my tenancy contract at FRC expires. Leaving feels kinda sad as it still feels like only very recently that I stepped into this room. The currently rainy weather is similar to the rain that greeted me when I stepped out of Paddington Station on 15 Sept 2005.

Of my flatmates, RLS left 1st early Aug, renting a pad close to Russell Square. She's staying here to look for a job. MOKL & TA moved out yesterday & PG is due to leave very soon (could here him busy packing). Despite his queer habits, PG is a rather decent guy who basically doesn't disturbs my life throughout my stay here. In fact, I had 1 of those rare long chats with him last night, which happens to be on TA whose irresponsible attitude even irked PG. TA for the record acts like a princess (her incoming letters actually addresses her as that). She's also like all of us in the pad who doesn't disrupt lives of others but goes along with hers. However, going along with hers without a care of the rest of us bothers us too. Without going into too much detail, she basically is a slob in the kitchen, uses utensils of others as she liked & rarely contributed to the overall cleanliness of the flat (no thanks too that most of the year, she doesn't seem to be sleeping in her room). Anyhow, after moving out, she left an unwanted winter jacket & the various eating/cooking utensils stacked by the kitchen sink, many dirty & unwashed that even PG himself was fuming, not to mention a particular glass that he suspects is his glass that was missing since Christmas. Yup, we are stuck with clearing 'princess' TG's mess. PG was kind enough to suggest wating till today to see if she returns to collect them, although my idea was just to collect these lefover stuff into a rubbish bag & throw them away.

Me, I haven't moved for 2 reasons. 1stly, it's coz the place I am moving to today, the check-in time is after 2pm. 2ndly, the stupid home country based shipping company whom I thought I had arranged to pick up a very heavy box of stuff to ship home didn't turn up yesterday. After waiting the whole day, another friend, WSW who is also shipping stuff home, called the company only to find out that we were not on their pick up list yesterday. Furious, I called the person myself & she had the gall to tell me I should have informed her earlier. When I duly pointed out that I had clearly spelled out in my emails to her, including recapping the instructions in my last email, she had the gall to apologise & claimed she missed those instructions. F^&$!!!!

Anyways, they promised to do their best to pick the box up by this afternoon & I surely hope they do. Not keen on leaving my box at FRC reception. Latest: PG just said his goodbye to me & I am all alone here. :( Oh well, we are alone too at various points of our lives. Aaah, melancholic me.

On a side note, it's a relief that Arsenal got off to an OK start at the Emirates stadium, drawing their 1st competitive match 1-1 against a Martin O'Neill rejuvenated Aston Villa.

Musings on a Mark may be on a hiatus for a bit if I don't get internet connection at my temporary residences (Yes, I'll be living out of a suitcase for the next month or so).

Till later, live long & prosper.

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