21 August 2006

Moving rooms = Aching body

Pursuant to my last posting, I've completed my move to the 1st of the 2 temporary accommodations in London for the last few weeks of my stay here. The shipping company people whom I was waiting for since Saturday arrived within the stipulated time to collect my box of stuff. After that, it was a matter of waiting for the mini-van to arrive to transport WSW & my balance stuff to the other university residential hall that's operating as a budget hotel during summer.

By the time I trasferred all my balance stuff to an area at FRC lobby (the lobby looked more like a storage depot with the multitude of bags & boxes lying around), I realised that my balance stuff was still a lot. I attribute this to food items, utensils & the fact that I didn't do a proper packing of these things. Hopefully by the time I fly home, I must actually, be able to fit in whatever stuff into a luggage bag, a backpack & a rucksack & be within 20 - 30kg only. Gosh, to think I haven't bought souvenirs for the masses.

Upon checking into the other residential hall, I found out to my horror that the block where my 3rd floor room is located, its lift is not working. I managed to transport my stuff up those 8 flights of stairs to my room within 20 minutes or so, but my body felt knackered after that. I returned after that to FRC for the last time to pick up the laptop, freezer items & checkout of FRC. Gladly accepted an invitation from MOKL to dine at our favourite fastfood outlet Dixy Chicken at Angel, as I was in no mood to cook a meal for my own dinner.

This room that I've been allocated is rather spacious compared to my previous room at FRC. It has a sink installed in it too. However, 12 people must share 3 showers, 2 toilets & a bathroom. Ditto too for the single large kitchen. The kitchen has 3 fridges (with freezer space) to share. My compaint of the kitchen is that the cabinet space allocated to each room is small & I cannot store my eating utensils there. Anyhow, attached below are shots of my room:

Went to sleep around midnight on the comfortable mattress with the provided pillow & duvet. Add my own 2 pillows to it, it was a good night's rest although I woke up this morning feeling weak & my body aching (probably from yesterday's labour).

Till later, live long & prosper.
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