22 August 2006

Blogger Upgrade (Beta)

After posting my latest blog entry this afternoon, I saw a little button in Blogger Dashboard inviting users to try out the new features of Blogger. Never really 1 to be hindered by the 'Beta' tag, I signed up for it despite the warning of no reverting to the old interface. After that, I found out that my blog was inaccessible to the public but in my Blogger Dashboard interface, all my postings are there.

Just now, MOKL commented Musings On A Mark (MOAM) was still inaccessible (thanks, MOKL) & after a quick check, I found out my template was somehow incompatible now with the new Blogger Dashboard interface & features. This little blue & rather bare template is a stop gap measure to allow MOAM to be accessible & I'll go about rebuilding my template (hopefully, can retore the previous one) once I have more free time. Gonna have to source search for some HTML codes I used in the previous template as I didn't save the previous template's coding before adopting this blue one.

Gotta run.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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