25 August 2006

Beta Blogger brilliance - Not!

This will be (somewhat) brief.

First & foremost, I'd like to wish PCE in Seattle, USA a very happy 2*th birthday! Many happy returns & more success to you in the year ahead, sis.

I've been itching to blog on my trip yesterday to watch Arsenal vs Dinamo Zagreb but apparently now, I cannot access this blog posting window via Picasa 2 photo software, which I've been using to upload photos to MOAM since I am forever plagued with uploaded but not appearing photos when using the Image Upload function of Blogger's Create Posting page. Hmm, perhaps upgrading to this new beta Blogger account so soon ain't a good idea on the hindsight. Haha, even though I just said that, I still happily upgraded my Internet Explorer browser to the almost final but yet to be released version 7 (dubbed IE7 RC1 by Microsoft) this afternoon. Talk about being a tech junkie. :p

With regards to MOAM's blog template, the beta Blogger new functions do not allow HTML editing of the template yet. As such, am restricted to the various templates provided by Blogger. Thought of reverting to the 'Rounders 2' template I started MOAM with, but decided to stick with this 'Thisaway Blue' template for the time being (albeit some modification).

On home country front, I read that this year's edition of the almost annual haze occurrence is getting worse. I pray that the heavy rainfall in the capital recently will help clear the skies by the time I return from London before Ramadhan. Perhaps KL could use some of the current London weather. :D

Lastly, to BR, I finally finished Monty Python & the Holy Grail after watching portions of it over several meals. I still feel let down by this supposedly hilarious film. Thus, am now somewhat reluctant to checkout Life of Brian, despite liking the hit song 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' from this movie (since the video may offend certain people, I decided not to embed the video on MOAM, but you can view it here.) Perhaps I felt let down by the film coz I still don't fully appreciate British humour. I feel rather than being funny, Little Britain was stupid, while Black Adder & Fawlty Towers were obnoxious. Having said that, I do enjoy Mr. Bean's slapstick & from what I can recall from younger days, 'Yes, Minister' was interesting.

Till Later, live long & prosper.

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