13 September 2006

Prelude to End of London Days

Greetings, mates.

I moved residence again within a month's period. :( In terms of distance, it's a 15 minutes walk from the last place I was staying, still close to the uni main campus, even closer to Angel but the walk to CBS is easily a good half an hour's walk. Good thing is, I can take a bus ride from here & drop off very near school should I be lazy to walk.

This time around, the room comes with an ensuite bathroom (woohoo!) & the elevator is working (thank God, imagine walking up to the 5th floor daily - I'd be super fit in a month's time of this routine). As you can see, the room is spacious too. However, I'd not want to live in this particular room or all rooms with this view for an extended period. Why, you ask? Well, despite my tolerance for nosie, this room faces Pentonville Road, a main road that is busy most hours of the day & traffic is very heavy in the evening ( for those in home country & work in the capital: this road reminds me of Jalan Ampang). Took some time to adjust to the noise level the 1st two days living here. Besides that, the room is inadequately lit in my opinion, with only 1 ceiling light (even my much smaller FRC room had 2 ceiling lights). There's 4 rooms in this pad & thus far, I've only met 1 of my flatmates, a Japanese guy.

I've also been doing some traveling for the past 10 days. Paid a potentially last visit to my friends in Nottingham. Yes, I know, this is like my 3rd visit there during my London stay & honestly, I'd rather be visiting Loch Ness, Paris or even Manchester. But then, there are some things like friendship that money cannot buy & it's worth wasting some dosh on. Besides, I didn't get to explore this supposed City of Legends (Robin Hood's all I can think off) in my last 2 brief visits & I made sure this time around that I visited the Nottingham Galleries of Justice (Prison Museum), Nottingham Castle & toured some caves (Nottingham has a network of this hollowed passages underneath it) to make the trip more worthwhile.

Thanks to MOKL who arranged for a few of us to join a Saturday day tour, I also managed to visit Stonehenge (definitely not just a pile of rocks) & the 'Roman city' of Bath & view its splendid Georgian architecture. The tour bus took us around the city before we were given 2 hours of free time, the bulk of it is spent at the tourist attraction called Roman Baths. The rest of my free time is spent meeting up with a friend from home country who is studying there. I gotta apologise to Adriana that our time spent was really short as the bus was returning to London at 1545 while we made our arrangements based on the provided tentative program where the bus was said to leave around 1630 (it was tentative anyway). We did manage to walk along Pulteney Bridge, which according to the tour guide is one of only three bridges in the world with shops across it on both sides, the other two being Ponte Vecchio, Florence and the Ponte di Rialto, Venice. Hmm, having now been to 2 of the 3 bridges, am hoping for a chance to visit the 3rd.

Me at Stonehenge

Royal Crescent, Bath

Roman Baths, Bath

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Alrighty then, that's all for now. I gotta go settle some stuff in my final days in London. *sob,sob*


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