15 August 2006

Windows Live Writer (Beta) tool

Microsoft just released a new tool for blogging. Although aimed primarily at their own weblog service, it's compatible with other blog services such as Blogger (not sure of Friendster blogs). With this tool, I am actually typing this post over a template of my blog, truly a What-You-See-Is What-You-Get kind off experience. The web layout view is not the only view option available. Like MS Word, we can select different views that suits our fancy.

This web layout view captures my interest as my normal routine of blogging is typing in MS Word, uploading onto blog, format it (font, colour, adding pictures & links) then publish. So far, I am impressed. Let me now try embedding a video.

Switching to the HTML Code view, I managed to add this PV of Reason by Tamaki Nami. This catchy song is the 1st ending theme to Gundam Seed Destiny anime. With internet connection, I can even view the video after switching out to web layout view. Hmmm, this makes me wonder whether this toll can be used while being offline. I'll note to try it out later & explore this tool's functions further. Else, may still have to resort to earlier method of blogging. :(

Oh, this tool also has a spell checker. Since I am rather tied up at the moment, I think I'll end this review here. Basically, it looks nifty. Being a Beta release, Microsoft has forewarned of potential bugs in this tool. Unfortunately, this tool requires Windows XP with Service Pack 2 operating system (OS) installed (yup, just like other new Microsoft tools under the 'Live' banner such as Windows Live Messenger, WIndows 2000 & other older OS don't make the grade). To download Windows Live Writer (Beta), click here.

Lastly, I noticed that shifting between my web browser & this tool, the lag time has increased quite a bit i.e. the browser window takes longer to display & vice versa. It may be this tool or a combination of it, my now playing Winamp & even the new Kaspersky Anti Virus 6.0 that I just got hold off last week. Alrighty then, am gonna upload this posting. If there are no comments after my signing off line, it means this tool uploaded this posting successfully.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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