16 February 2007

Eating of a Mark

Just like to share with you my latest breakfast haunt during work days. Since moving location from Organisation HQ to DKDT (distance is 5-10 minutes drive depending on traffic), I've always had my breakfast of either fried noodle, nasi lemak or roti canai with coffee drink at DKDT cafeteria. However, after numerous recommendation from colleagues & following WNH there for breakfast last Fri, I've exclusively dine breakfast at this stall under the overhead bridge/flyover this whole week. This area under the overhead bridge is filled with stalls that are mostly open throughout the day & night.

The stall I've been going to this week is the middle stall on the left if 1 was to walk to the area from DKDT. I've been enjoying the stall's lontong or nasi lemak with fried egg & peparu (apologies to non Malay language speaking readers, I'll try to get the English translation of these dishes). In fact, the lady who mans the stall even remembers I normally have my meal with coffee as she ask me this morning whether I'd like that drink with the nasi lemak I ordered (there no customers there when I arrived today whereas on other days, there was always a queue of patrons). The price charged is fair for stalls in the capital.

This stall is now part of the few eateries I patron often & will continue to do so until I get bored or just decide to stop eating there. I am thinking of trying out this mamak stall next to the stall I currently frequent, as MT says they make yummy French toast (wonder if Thierry Henry will approve it's taste?).

Over this weekend, we will be ushering the Chinese New Year. This time around, it's the Year of the Pig (oink, oink). So, to all those who will be celebrating it, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Till later, live long & prosper.

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