22 February 2007

Blog Surfing & CNY

I was blog surfing for a bit just now via Blogger's Navbar by simply opening up a Blogger hosted blog (tongue twister unintended) & clicking the 'Next Blog' button. After viewing some non-English language blogs (even 1 with Chinese font) & blogs with some nice pictures of home interior & art, I came across this blog on Business English set up by an ESL teacher in Argentina. Found the current info on writing emails & giving presentations helpful. Oh, she also has another blog on 'ESL & Technology' that you can access from her profile.

On a separate note, CNY extended weekend was a hit & miss thingy. The weekend started well with my own family's reunion dinner on Fri evening. We decided to have it the night before CNY eve to manage the crowd as well as ensuring we got a table at the eatery of choice. It's a 1st within our family as previously, we used to go with uncles, aunts, cousins & grandma (when she was well & able to walk). Potential future family members were invited along for the dinner too. Spent CNY eve accompanying my girl shopping for a bit (CNY sale was on at most shopping malls) & watching Ghost Rider movie (we haven't been to the cinema in a while).

CNY day was reserved for visiting families on dad's side. Got a few ang pows (red packet filled with spare change). Funny how it seems that as one ages (& before getting married coz once a person is married, he/she has to give ang pows), the number of ang pows received decreases.

A planned outing to attend a kenduri (wedding reception) at a neighbouring state with my girl got cancelled as she had something up at the last moment. :-( Hence, I spent 2nd day of CNY basically eating, sleeping, watching some movies on Astro & doing some reading at home. Yup, I was somewhat rested that day. The last day of the CNY break was a bit more interesting as I enjoyed lunch at Kuala Selangor, checked out the nearby coastline & sampled a big plate of kerang bakar (grilled cockles) before heading home. Despite a very light dinner, I went to sleep with a very uneasy tummy, probably from the variety of food I consumed over the day.

And now, back to work.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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