14 February 2007

Rubber ducky

Finally! After some extended time, I managed to actually open a 'new post' window for MOAM. Since I currently am only able to surf mostly via office network, the recent troubles with the Organisation's servers resulted in some real 'iman' taxing internet surfing, with web pages timing out & getting other people's account when logging into Gmail, Google, Windows Live Mail & Blogger, among others. After complaining to IT services, managed to get into most of this services, but MOAM access is just today. The lack of access doesn't concern me much as compared to logging in & getting other people's account. Gosh, I wouldn't want people accessing my Inbox without me knowing! If they got MOAM & contributed a good post, I may just thank them, however.

I've been duckified over the weekend. No, I wasn't hit in the **** by a duck recently, but rather I am just stuck on this new Digi advert. I find the ducks cute & the advert amusing. Heck, even the audio only version over the radio. You can check it out at Digi's website. View the 'TVC: Prepaid FnF Plus' video clip. Having said that, I am still somewhat a loyal Maxis subscriber & it'll take a lot to compel me to change my cellphone number, which I've had since 1997. Another notable commercial that is interesting is the new NST '3 kids @ the bus stop in the rain' TV commercial.

Moving along, Alias on AXN is coming to the end of its run. Wanted to view all the last few episodes, but missed the 3rd last episode last week due to ASM AGM at Concorde Hotel. Well, at least I met a good friend & had an enjoyable chat on the way home. Thus, in 2 weeks time, besides CSIs, I won't have any other show to follow, plus no Jennifer Garner (hey, it ain't the only reason I follow Alias). On StarWorld, the new exciting (in the USA) Heroes series just started. Being impatient me & finding the right resource (thank you colleague HH), I got the 1st 13 episodes already (Hahaha). Note to those who access the Heroes link, it contains spoilers!

On the footballing front, I watched Arsenal-Wigan last Mon morning. It was from midnight till 2am. Felt miserable half the time as the Gunners were playing very sloppily; easily losing the ball, bad passes & the numerous misses in front of goal. Just as I was thinking how crappy I'd feel in the morning (due to lack of sleep) with the impending 1st defeat at the Emirates (Wigan led with the lone goal of the game thus far then), 2 Arsenal goals came towards the end of the match & sleepy me went mumbling "Oh, Arsenal, Arsenal..." chant. Gunners escaped yet again with a 2-1 win.

Gosh, it's back to work time.

Lastly, it's the commercially milked Valentine's Day today, where roses, teddy bears & what not prices are ridiculously inflated. Told my girl that although we don't celebrate it for religious reason & I don't feel like splurging on something that is more sensibly priced other days, every day with her is lovers' day to me. Thankfully, the darling agreed.

Before I end this, a happy birthday greeting to my bro by surname, Yeech and to my adopted Aunty whose birth anniversaries were on last Sunday & yesterday respectively.

Okie then, "quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack..." ;)

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. the bus stop in the NST ad is the one near my workplace. yea, that the rubber duck ad is cute. much prefer it over the other DiGi yellow 'teletubbies' ad.

    and arsenal beat bolton this morning!