02 February 2007

Sg Chongkak Outing

Yesterday was Federal Territory Day & Thaipusam, which means a day off for me & it's also a holiday for the state where I live in. I had agreed to spend the day with my fellow alumni from UiTM's (the university I attended for my degree) Peer Counseling Club & its current members at Hutan Lipur Sg Chongkak for a recreational & sharing of experience outing.

I planned to get up an hour later than usual for a weekday at 0630 (set my alarm for it). However, at 0530, a fellow Gooner texted me to inform that Adebayor scored the 1st goal in the 2nd leg of the League Cup Semi-Finals at Emirates. I promptly got up & dragged myself to the TV (didn't plan to watch the match due to the day's event). By the time I turned to the correct channel, Mido equalised for Tottenham Hotspur at the 85th minute of normal match time. Bummer! I started having the dreaded feeling that with extra time looming, it may be like last year where despite the Gunners winning against Wigan in the 2nd leg at Highbury, Wigan went to the Final due to away goal rules after extra time (Wigan beat the Gunners in the 1st leg then). I was wide awake & sitting upright while the seconds ticked through extra time. Then, Aliadiere scored Arsenal's 2nd goal & later, a Rosicky shot hit a former Wigan player (now a Spurs) & into the net. We are through! Found myself singing to 'Oh Arsenal, Arsenal...' & standing up upon hearing the fans chanting 'If you hate Tottenham, stand up.' Next for the Arsenal Kids, Chelski at Cardiff.

After the game, I went to do the necessary as I needed to meet my so-called sister-in-law (SIL) at UiTM at 0730. Us alumni were asked to pick up the UiTM students & give them a ride to Sg Chongkak as they don't have transport. Hence, my car was packed with SIL & 3 students. The trip was enjoyable. Managed to catch-up with friends whom I've not met in a year or more, found out who is no more a bachelor, who'll be ending their bachelorhood, who got new kid & who looks prettier/more handsome (hehe). Many of those spent the afternoon after lunch soaking themselves & having fun in the river. Me, I somehow didn't feel like getting myself wet & was content at sitting/lying down on a mat under the trees & chatting with my mates while eating ice-cream. The weather was good too. We left Sg. Chongkak around 1730. Dropped off the students (those who wanted to return to their residential halls) at UiTM & several of us went to a mamak restaurant for food & drinks. We all went home around 2030. I was knackered but happy from the day's outing. Definitely should meet up with these people more often. Was sleeping like a rock by 2330, after watching this week's episode of Alias, of course.

On a closing note, I'd like to congratulate my colleague/Gooner bro, HKW, for tying the knot last week. Demanding angpow from you this Chinese New Year. :-D Hmmm, perhaps me should future budget for such event too.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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