15 April 2007

Another Mark Birthday 2007

Yup. I am now into my penultimate twenties year in the life of Mark. Still lots of things to do, lots of things to accomplish, lots of experience to gain, lots more stock needed to invest in the afterlife. Since the day has almost ended here, I'd like to just blog a few sentences about it.

Beloved gf was the 1st to greet me happy birthday by virtue of being on the phone with me from 5 to midnight & until 10 pass midnight. From midnight, I got a few text messages from dear friends who are the first few to wish me well as I reach another birthday. Although I'd think they may be up for other reasons, but if they stayed up late just to greet me, my heartfelt appreciation.

I couldn't really sleep after midnight, not really due to the excitement or what not from being a year older, but perhaps coz I had a really good evening nap. Wanted to watch Arsenal vs Bolton Wanderers (albeit having bad omen that the Gunners might just lose yet again) but sis beat me to the remote as she & mum watched Akademi Fantasia concert right up to nearly midnight (actually, only sis finished the program as mum retired to bed around 11pm). Hence, besides stealing a peak at the ongoing match & to my horror, Bolton were leading by a goal, I kept my self updated somewhere in the 2nd half of the match via BBC website's Live Update feed. Woohoo, the Gunners stop the rot by winning 2-1!

I got up (the really getting up) by about 9-something in the morning, Gf called around 8am but just dozed off for another hour or so right after the supposed morning wake-up call. It was basically just like any other Sunday whenever I stay at home - laundry, some room & car tidying, CSI Supreme Sunday from noon to 3pm, among others. Oh, had to clean up after Choky (alternate name - Piglet) when he did his 'business' in the house after I forgot to properly open one of the hall windows to enable him to go out of the house to heed one of the call of nature. :-(

At night, dad took us (mum, sis & me) out to dinner at this Halal Chinese restaurant in Klang town as a birthday eat-out. Food is yummy with reasonable pricing too. It was just the family (sans bro who is in Johor) since both gf & sis' bf were unavailable to tag along. We stopped @ the nearby Giant Hypermarket on the way home to get some groceries.

Last but never least, I'd like to convey my heartfelt thanks & appreciation to these people for their personal kind birthday greetings (in no particular order):

  • My gf & family (mak, abah & adik Faiz);
  • 'Bro' Yeech;
  • Adek deary (thanks for the card);
  • Leila;
  • Rose;
  • 'Aunty' NAR;
  • colleague HP;
  • MOKL (you got the date right);
  • Qilah;
  • Yana;
  • Iss;
  • Bad Anuar;
  • Apu the Chelsea supporter;
  • Cik Nad @ Yah @ Diah;
  • 'sis' Cat;
  • former housemate @ FRC, Miss RLS;
  • 'Bro' Am;
  • colleague THL;
  • Wani;
  • K.Long (Wani's sis);
  • Maya;
  • Mahera.

If I miss anyone else, I'll add you in later when I find out. (Addendum: The list stops a week after since I don't really expect anymore belated wishes. If there is, thanks anyway.)

Oh, I should also mention the various notification programs of newsletters, groups or forums that I am a member off too. These auto notifications sure makes one feels nice.

My birthday wish, you ask? Hmm, it is similar to what my PEERS juniors (among others) wish me. InsyaAllah, it won't be too long more & the day is fast approaching (not telling when). Just wait, ya. ;-)

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. Hmm... you looked like you lost some hair! Having hair problemo? Hahhaa... Require any "professional" help? hahahhaa... :p Hope you enjoyed your big day man.. Happy getting old... hahaha.. :)