13 April 2007

Got spare blood, guv'nor?

*yawn* I should be sleeping right now, that's what my girl said when she called me just now to tell me that she's gonna zzz.

Well, she's right though. I've been sleeping between 11pm-0030 this whole week & I've been waking up the next morning between 0530 - 6am feeling tired & wanting to clock more sleeping time. However, I have this suspicion that similar to the past 2 weeks, I'll get up @ 0530 sharp when the alarm rings tomorrow morning & have trouble going back to sleep afterwards, on a Saturday morning. Sheesh!

2 somewhat ironic or funny coincidence happened to me today. The first happened when I arrived @ DKDT (the building where my department in the Organisation is currently situated). After parking my car & while walking towards the elevator, I noticed a poster promoting an upcoming blood donation drive @ DKDT. After entering the elevator & pressing the button indicating the floor I was heading to, I looked into 1 of the elevator wall mirrors to see the severity of my bloodshot eyes. Guess what, there was a mosquito happily (I presumed) on my temple drawing blood from my body without my consent. Hence, I proceeded to apply capital punishment to the mosquito, resulting in a small blood splatter from the mosquito's smashed body on my palm. The blood was no doubt extracted from me. Thinking of the movie Jurassic Park, I wonder if some say, if possible, there would be a me cloned from blood extracted from a preserved in amber mosquito. Hehe. But then, who am I to warrant that?

The 2nd ironic or funny coincidence occurred on my drive home. This evening, I went left the office close to 7pm, which is a rare thing for me in recent times. I didn't go to the gym (which I do rather infrequently) but just sat at my workstation, trying to do work but ended up reading articles on Wikipedia more. I just felt lazy about going home. what more with the rain & Friday evening's normally heavy traffic. Anyhow, on the drive home, I decided to ring up a formerly closer friend to catch up on things, since my girl was out doing grocery shopping & couldn't indulge her guy in an evening chat. My friend was pleasantly surprised since the person had a dream last nite where I made a cameo. In the dream, the person sent me a mobile text message on something whose reply was not received by the time the person woke up. But then, here I was calling in the evening. Ooo...

After the call, I remembered that earlier in the evening, I realised it's Friday the 13th. *cue eerie music* In fact, while taking a bite (you can call it supper) just now, I was seeing 10 minutes of the movie 'Friday the 13th, Part 1" on HBO. Couldn't sustain interest to continue watching it after finishing what I was eating.

*yawn* okie then, I better to get some zzz.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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