02 April 2007

3rd Ocean coming to shore

Woohoo, Ocean's 13 is gonna be released soon, in like 2 months plus time. Hope it doesn't take too long to reach Asian shores. It'll be more fun & humor with Danny, Rusty, Linus & co. I only watched Ocean's 11 on Astro (satellite TV), but managed to see Ocean's 12 in the cinema. Enjoyed it to the point that I was willing to pay nearly full price to watch it a 2nd time in TGV (1st viewing was in GSC). Heck, even occasionally see the reruns on Astro if there's no other newer shows to enjoy. Definitely in my 'must see' movie list.

Checkout the trailers @ the movie's

Till later, live long & prosper.
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  1. Shrek 3 and Pirates 3 are also coming in May :D