02 April 2007

Shifting... again

Today, the department I work in underwent a restructuring of seating arrangements. We spent the whole morning helping each other shift boxes of stuff & cabinets between 2 floors. In fact, I am just blogging this after lunch & before doing my routine of catching up on online news, checking friends' blogs for updates etc (whichever the office firewall allows).

Bearing in mind the need for some physical strength, I maximised my Sunday by staying @ home & recuperating almost the entire day. Went out only in the evening to send sis to work, reload my Touch N Go (prepaid card for paying toll on highways) & bank in a cheque for credit card payment. Besides that, spent time downloading catch-up episodes of an anime I followed while on the other side of the world.

Oh, I finally managed to get a working internet line @ home too (hence the MOAM posting on Saturday night). Actually, the account was activated sometime early last week but only briefly went about the setup @ home about 30 mins for 3 nite, mainly coz I was attending a financial forum @ KL Convention Center 4 days of the working week. Hence, what finally turned out to be due to the missing modem password made me go round & round checking, rechecking the connections & even calling up the ISP a few times over the week. Finally, I ceded to the fact that I had to call in the ISP's technician to troubleshoot my setup & thus, possibly incurring RM88 charge. Luckily, on Fri, I managed to get a potential solution off the internet & upon trying it on Sat morning before the time when the ISP technician was suppose to visit, the connection worked. Woohoo! I quickly called the ISP technician on his mobile, repeatedly apologise to him (since it was a public holiday then) & cancelled the appointment.

Sunday was also April Fool's day. I am not one to go playing jokes on others, but a particular joke a few years back is of significance to me. Probably, that little joke resulted in the 'me' today. That joke opened my eyes to a soul & set me on a trip with experiences that ranged the entire spectrum that include sweet, sour, bitter & esctacy. Never knew a simple joke like that could result in something so big, looking back now after all has been said & done.

Anyhow, I am gonna go to the clinic down @ ground floor & get some medication for my throat. Need my voice back pronto. Ciao.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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