18 May 2007

4 Seasons of Loneliness

Thanks to getting a free Caller Ringtone from the cellular network that I subscribe to. I opened the provider's webpage section that manages these enhancements to cellular phone calling experience. Here, we can purchase Caller Ringtones, Background Music (this I believe just interrupts the conversation) & many types of Ringtones for the cellphone. I curiously checked out the artist catalogue available & came across Boyz II Men & one of their hit songs, 4 Seasons Of Loneliness.

I really liked this song. It was released during my time in college. I remember liking it so much that I went & bought a CD collections of video with this song. Most other songs didn't really matter as long as it had this song's video. Oh, for the younger generation, during those days, there wasn't any P2P website or channels for us to download these stuff. Heck, charges @ internet cafes were easily double or triple the current rates. It was also during that time that I discovered/learned about the more complicated subset of homo sapiens - females, & that females & college politics don't mix, especially when the girl whom we fancy is involved in college politics too. One shall not dream of an easy relationship. Opps, I seem to have detoured towards Japan, USA or Europe, take your pick.

Anyhow, 4 Seasons Of Loneliness is a favourite of mine & after some bittorrenting, it's part of my music playlist now (didn't realise I don't have the song previously). I'd like to share with you the music video (courtesy of YouTube) & the lyrics follows. Enjoy & dig it, ya'all.

I long for the warmth of days gone by
When you were mine
But now those days are memories in time
Life’s empty without you by my side
My heart belongs to you
No matter what I try
When I get the courage up to love somebody new
It always falls apart ’cause they just can’t compare to you
Your love won’t release me
I’m bound under ball and chain
Reminiscing our love as I watch four season’s change

In comes the winter breeze
That chills the air and drifts the snow
And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe
When springtime makes it’s way here
Lilac blooms reminds me of the scent of your perfume
When summer burns with heat I always get the hots for you
Go skinny dippin’ in the ocean where we used to do
When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare
When you’re not here it doesn’t feel the same
Remember the nights when we closed our eyes
And vowed that you and I would be in love for all time
Anytime I think about these things I shared with you
I break down and cry ’cause I get so emotional
Until you release me I’m bound under ball and chain
Reminiscing our love as I watch four seasons change

This loneliness
Has cursed my heart
Please let me love again’cause I need your love to comfort me and ease my pain
Or four seasons will bring the loneliness again


Till later, live long & prosper.

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