02 May 2007

'...to create a new star in a dying one.'

A perk of being a member of GSC's website is that on your birthday month, you get to print out a coupon, fill it up & claim a free movie ticket (for movies that are available for free lists). Come last weekend, I was aware that I need to redeem the ticket by Monday as the free birthday ticket is only valid during your birthday month, which is in my case, April. Gf again not available & come Saturday evening, I was texting & calling a few friends to see if any would like to go watch a movie that I can claim the ticket with. Alas, the only 3 movies available last Sunday were Sunshine, the Reaping & Malay horror movie Jangan Pandang Belakang. My choice would be the 1st 2 although if push comes to shove, I'll watch the Malay horror movie (hey, free ticket anyhow). Luckily, my friend Mera initially agreed although she ain't keen to watch neither Sunshine nor the Reaping as she dislikes horror-type movies. I didn't really know what the Reaping was about & to my understanding, Sunshine is a sci-fi movie.  Hence, at Mera's request, I search Wikipedia for the movies (as you may have already know, Wikipedia can contain spoilers galore). Turns out the Reaping is an antichrist themed movie. I like the Omen trilogy & suddenly, the Reaping sounds more interesting to watch. Come Sunday morning, Mera sent me an SMS saying she was not well. Bummer! I ended up staying at home & watching CSI Supreme Sunday instead coz ain't too keen of pitching myself against the weekend shopping mall crowd all by myself.


Monday morning, I decided that I shall watch the movie by myself (it's fun, depending on the movie, of course).  However, Mark woke up late as he being a Gooner stayed to watch the London derby that was Arsenal vs Fulham. By the time I checked the newspaper movies listing, had breakfast, showered et al, it was close to 11am. The Reaping was screening @ noon while Sunshine was @ half pass noon @ GSC MVMM. Turns out, the traffic was generally heavy half of the trip along Federal Highway. Told myself then that which movie I see shall depend on external factors. Arrive outside MVMM @ 1145 but it turned out the car park entrance I normally use was closed for maintenance. Wasted another 5 minutes making a round to find another entrance. The queue @ the GSC Box Office was rather long @ each counter. Finally was able to redeem my ticket for the 1230 Sunshine movie.  Bought popcorn & drink & strolled to hall 17.


After all that, how was the movie, you ask? Well, the premise of a group of astronauts delivering a nuclear bomb the size of Manhattan island to reignite the dying sun to save the earth from a perpetual winter sounds interesting enough. This team happens to be earth's 2nd & final attempt at reigniting the sun as the people of earth had depleted all the available resources needed to create the 2nd bomb. The 1st team sent on that particular mission had disappeared somewhere along the way to the sun 7 years ago (movie timeline). As the Icarus 2 team passes planet Mercury, they detect the emergency beacon from Icarus 1 i.e. the 1st team. Then, trouble begins as they decided to alter their course to the sun slightly to rendezvous with Icarus 1.


I believe the movie would have been better without the 'slasher flick' elements during the 2nd half of the film. The series of unfortunate events encountered by the crew of Icarus 1 appears enough to doom the astronauts & bring the mission into jeopardy. Huh, slasher flick elements, you ask? Well, my advice is, go watch the movie while it's still showing in cinemas or wait until the DVD is released in a few months time or its cable TV premier some time this year-end or next year.


Lastly, famous actor & actress in Sunshine are Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow in Batman Begins) & Dato' Michelle Yeoh (Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies; hope I got the title Dato' spelling correct, or is it Datuk?).


Till later, live long & prosper.  


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