01 June 2007

The person called 'lover'

Call me a mushy romantic if you like, but after listening to this song on IKIM.FM a few times including yesterday morning, I was somewhat hooked & determined to find out its title & then add the song itself to my Winamp & Nokia N70 playlists. Managed to do the 1st after searching via Google & working on the 2nd as it is. Meanwhile, I'd like to share with mOAm readers the song, 'Insan Bernama Kekasih' by UNIC & dedicate it to my love, NIA.

There is this other song that I am also currently trying to find out its name. This time, I heard it once over HotFM, a station I was introduced to by NIA. Will share the song on mOAm once I get a positive result from my search.

Till later, live long & prosper.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you my dear.Lots of love from NIA.