14 June 2007

Raining/hujan Petang

Today is one of those days that I stay back in the office not for work but for the sheer laziness of going home. "What, lazy to go home?!" you say. Well, @ around 1645, it started to rain rather heavily. Peeking out of the office windows, we could see the build up in traffic & at a distance, rising water level. Those who go home via the affected route started lamenting & we remembered the flood that enveloped sections of the capital last weekend. The reason why I didn't rush home @ 5pm was that yesterday, in better weather conditions, it took me an extra half an hour or so to cover a distance on the highway that would have normally taken about 45mins. I left the office @ about 1720, which can be considered still early.

Anyhow, I had an enjoyable lunch today as I joined a group of my former department colleagues for a farewell get together as one of us is leaving the Organisation (his last day is tomorrow). Besides the farewell, it was an opportunity for members of the JPI family (our former department) to mingle & catch up on the going ons in each other's lives. The buffet at Lake Club was nicely priced too & the spread is acceptable plus there is no crowd @ the Lake Club banquet hall today. We should get together more often & not just when someone resigns. To SIM, all the best in your new position.

Hmm, it's getting late & I better leave for home. Shall wash my face before I leave. Don't wanna be like a driver whose car I was driving behind yesterday. The poor guy can be seen massaging his neck & slapping himself silly to prevent himself from dozing off in the heavy traffic. Even so, his car was already swerving left & right & he struggles to keep himself awake. On occasions, drivers (including me) honk to ensure he doesn't slam his car into another's. A bottle of plain water & some sweets/mints are in my car in case I ever feel sleepy.

Alrighty... I truly must post this up A.S.A.P. as the local area network is getting crazy & prompting me for the network password. It's terrible at times (like now) as I sometimes get other user's Google Toolbar bookmarks & dangerously, their web email Inbox (!). A new occurrence is that several Gmail emails that I've read appeared back as Unread. Wonder if it's a cache memory issue. Any IT experts who can shed light?

Ok, ok. Mark shall be leaving now. NIA called too, exclaiming 'You are still there?!' (sorry dear).

Hope this uploads without hitch.

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. I've heard of quite a few drivers who've fallen asleep behind the wheel. Hope you reached home without much glitch.

  2. A quick one since it's office hours already. Forgot to add: I thought *you* are the IT expert [and that's a compliment, not sarcasm] here.

  3. Adek,

    I reached home that evening within my average travel time. Also, I may know a thing or 2 about softwares, but for IT hardwares & network issues, I am basically blur on it (though I am trying to understand it as it is).