15 June 2007

HEROES personality test

My favourite character in Heroes TV series is Nathan Petrelli, not only coz I like Adrian Pasdar the actor (love his portrayal of the title character in the short lived TV series Profit) but the character of Nathan itself is somewhat grounded in reality, to me. Simply, I can identify with the issues Nathan faced (not that I cannot empathise with the other Heroes' problems or dilemma). Plus, I do enjoy the thought of being a representative of the people although in reality, after going through a gruelling Student Union election, winning it & experiencing a term in office during my college years, I swore off politics when I entered university. Doing the test, I knew that if I answered honestly, I definitely won't be identified with Nathan. I suspected that the result would be Hiro Nakamura, but it turned out that based on the test, I am...

Your Score: Ando Masahashi

You scored 33 Idealism, 33 Nonconformity, 79 Nerdiness

We are not special! We are Japanese!
Congratulations, you're Ando Masahashi! You're a practical, sensible, person. You're also a bit of a nerd, though you haven't fully realized that yet. You're a great person to go to for practical advice. You're also a bit of a flirt. Your best quality: Practicality -- you have your feet and the ground and know what's up. Your worst quality: Finding every person you meet attractive (or maybe that's a good quality -- I don't know)

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I went 'huh?' & laughed when I saw the result. FYI, I don't find every person I meet attractive. :p

Anyhow, if you follow Heroes, do take this test & tell me via the comments section, which character are you identified with. Lastly, for good order, I found out about this test from this blog.

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. haha...

    Ando - san, its your destiny..


  2. i agreed 100% on the result, except 'your worst quality',as it was, and probably is, far worst than that...