17 June 2007

Fondest memories - samsons

Health warning: I am giving this notification after being informed that an mOAm reader figuratively 'vomitted blood' after reading some of my recent posting, which I suspect are the UNIC-related posts.

Yatta! I found it!


It began on an evening some weeks back. After an outing with NIA, having dinner at her home & helping her family troubleshoot their home computer (with mix results), as I was driving home, I heard this song on HotFM. I quickly called NIA to ask her to identify the song but alas, by the time she turned on her radio, the song was over. Me trying to sing a verse of the chorus didn't help at all since even before trying I know I sound nothing like the singer at all. :p Upon arriving home & the next day, I tried to identify the song via the internet (like I did with Insan Bernama Kekasih) but to no avail.

I have almost given up hope on finding out the song's title since HotFM didn't seem to play it again whenever I tune in to that radio channel. Lo & behold, 2 nites ago, I heard the song again. It came from my bro's laptop. FYI, I bro listens to lesser Malay music than I do. To his credit, it was my sis who was surfing the internet while listening to mp3s then. I wasted no time asking her the title of the song (while maintaining my cool, of course). Texted NIA the title of the song & band name straightaway after that.

If this 'liking of songs' continues, I'd be a Malay songs junkie in no time. Luckily, I have not grown fond of any other songs after these 2. Anyhow, here's the song, Samsons' Kenangan Terindah, for the viewing pleasure of mOAm readers, especially my NIA. Lyrics follows but yet again, can't find any audio only version. Perhaps, when Blogger allows uploading of audio (
Blogger in Draft now allows video uploads), I can share the song with you. You can also view the video on YouTube.

Samsons - Kenangan Terindah

Aku yang lemah tanpa mu
Aku yang rentan karena
Cinta yang telah hilang
Darimu yang mampu menyanjungku

Selama mata terbuka
Sampai jantung tak berdetak
Selama itu pun aku mampu
Untuk mengenangmu
Darimu kutemukan hidupku
Bagiku kaulah cinta sejati

Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau
Kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku

Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang telah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah

I've reproduced the lyrics almost verbatim as how I found them on the internet, so forgive the language errors, if any. To me, this song reminds me of another song I like, Hinder's Lips of an Angel, which reminds me to cherish & prosper my significant other, lest I wanna become like what is storied in these songs.

Alrighty then, am gonna zzz, dreaming of my fondest memories, with... NIA

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: Highlight. ;)


  1. Try downloading Samsons 'Bukan diriku' too. Nice..

  2. fondest memories with ... Gucci Girl?