18 June 2007

Garlic butter/kaya baguette

After work today, I headed to Mid Valley Megamall (MVMM), a shopping centre along my way home (& hence, convenient). I wanted to window shop for a laptop backpack that doesn't look like a laptop backpack (don't want to be advertising to people that I potentially have a laptop in my backpack). Besides, I wanted to checkout Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) for movies to watch for either Fri nite, Sat or Sun. Since we currently have Ocean's 13 & Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer to watch, we may actually do a 2-movies marathon (been a while since we did that & it was really fun). Didn't get much info from the box office (will just settle the tickets another day or do internet purchase or choose a different cinema), so I began my laptop backpack scouting.

Oh, the sudden urge to splurge for an inconspicuous laptop backpack is due to a work-related seminar I most probably will be attending soon. The seminar would involve daily travelling & I wanted a backpack to carry the course material, plus perhaps a jacket with space for a camera & drinking bottle (among others). I am also contemplating the remote chance of bringing a laptop along. Based on my survey of shops , I found that most bags that I identified such as Crumpler, STM, Swiss Army were out of my modest budget. However, I did identify 2 bags from Samsonite whose look & specs fit my purpose (although I need to add 3 quids more to my budget for 1 of 'em). I intend to do more surveying tomorrow, maybe at KLCC.

I felt hungry as I was heading to my car & decided to stop by Jusco's bakery. The long queue at the counter put me off & I just continued to my car. Just before the escalator, I spied a Delifrance outlet & thought of my favourite garlic butter/kaya baguette. Normally, Delifrance sells the baguette with either filling of garlic butter or kaya (coconut jam) but as I have been buying previously, one can ask for a mix filling baguette, whereby it will be a half of the baguette filled with garlic butter & the other half with kaya, or if lucky, it'll be mix as in the top part of the sliced open baguette will be spread with 1 filling & the other on the bottom part. It currently cost RM3.20. Anyway, after taking my order, the waitress who attended to me started preparing the baguette (while having light banter with a fellow waitress). I noticed that she was spreading generous portions of garlic butter and kaya on the slices of baguettes & silently thought it would be sinfully yummy, I got the whammy subsequently when I offer to pay for it 1st before my baguette has been completely prepared. I was charged RM4.55! When I exclaimed that how come the priced had increased by so much, the waitress who was preparing my baguette comment, "You wanted a mixed baguette, right?" Not understanding her comment, I proceeded to tell both waitresses that from my weekly purchase of such a mixed baguette at KLCC's Delifrance outlet, I am normally charged about RM3-something only (white lie on the weekly purchase part). One of them asked me if it's a norm for customers at the KLCC outlet to buy mixed filling baguettes, which I relied 'I don't know.' I subsequently understood what the waitress' earlier comments was when she started keying in my purchase into the cash register. I was charged an additional RM1.25 for extra filling. Cheh, should have asked her to put sinfully more garlic butter or kaya! :( Anyhow, I've learned from elders to sometimes not be too calculative on food, unless it's really ludicrously priced. The baguette was my dinner & I enjoyed every bit of it (since no one else wanted any). Before I left, the waitress who prepared the baguette said (with a sly smile) that I should just buy my baguettes at KLCC since it's cheaper than at MVMM, as long as it's at Delifrance. Choi!

If that wasn't enough, during the ride home, I encountered yet another inconsiderate driver who drives with the car headlights' high beam turned on. It's really painful to the eyes & at times I really feel like becoming a stereotypical Malaysian driver & show the person 'the finger' or something of a sort. Yes, Mark can be edgy despite some people saying Mark is a softie mostly.

I need to sleep. I border typing nonsense as it is. I'll leave this in draft & post it tomorrow.

19 June 2007: I am posting this at half pass noon. Had another encounter with an a**hole driver with high beam headlights turned on while on the speed lane on Federal Highway this morning, this time it's a Waja. The driver gave me the stare at the toll booth & I returned with my "I don't give a rat's behind about you" look. Besides that, it was a good drive to work listening to the radio. Happy lunching.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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